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Mushrooms as Foundational Food

Edible Mushrooms are more than just a source of protein. They are jam packed with medicinal properties that can strengthen your immune system, reduce risk of cancer, combat chronic diseases, and much more.

This makes them an unparalleled food source with both nutritional value and medicinal value also known as a foundational food.

Their uniqueness originates from over a BILLION YEARS of evolution. You see mushrooms aren’t vegetables. They belong to their own kingdom. The Fungi Kingdom. In fact, fungi DNA are more related to animals than plants.

This is why some of the naturally occurring compounds found in mushrooms can have such powerful effects on the human body. Their biochemistry has an evolutionary link to ours and they even need Oxygen to survive.

Why ALL Mushrooms are Medicinal: Beta-Glucans

Mushrooms produce many different types of compounds that interact with our bodies in positive ways. While every species contributes different properties, there is something ALL mushrooms have in common.

There is a medicinal compound that naturally occurs within the cell wall of all fungi called Beta-Glucans.

Medicinal Properties of Beta-Glucans

  • Managing Blood Sugar/Diabetes
  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Fighting Infectious Diseases
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Prevention/Treatment of Cancerous Tumors
  • Anti-Parasitic
  • Pre-Biotic

While there are plant based sources of Beta-Glucans (like Oats), they are not as powerful as fungal based ones. This has to do with the unique chemical bonds found in Fungal Beta-Glucans. Different types of Mushrooms also have distinct types of Beta-Glucans that may be more effective against certain diseases.

Fungal Beta Glucans and Their Medicinal Properties
Latin NameCommon NameBeta-GlucanConditions Helped By Fungal Beta-glucans
Pleurotus sp.OysterPleuranHigh Cholesterol, Intestinal Inflammation, Intestinal Ulcers, Melanoma
Lentinus edodesShiitakeLentininIntestinal Inflammation, Intestinal Ulcers, Peristalsis, Melanoma
Grifola fondosaMaitakeGrifolanDiabetes, Fungal Infections, Inflammation, Melanoma
Schizophyllum communeSplit GillSchizophyllanBacterial Infections, Ulcers, Parasites,Inflammation
Flammulina velutipesEnokiFlammulinCancer
Ganoderma lucidimReishiiGl–1Immune Modulating, Anti-Cancer , , Inflammation
Trametes versicolorTurkey TailPSK and PSPCancer, Immune Modulating

Eating Mushrooms Reduces Risks Of Cancer

A freshly published (March 2021) study conducted at Penn State confirmed what countless studies before it had shown. Mushrooms have anticancer properties.

In this study they analyzed data from almost 20,000 cancer patients and found that there was a strong correlation between the consumption of mushrooms and reduced risk of cancer. Results indicated that eating 18 grams of mushrooms daily reduced risk of cancer by approximetely 45%!

While there are many anti-cancer compounds in mushrooms, one of the most potent and widely occuring is an antioxidant called ergothioneine. Mushrooms are the highest dietary source of this powerful compound.

Medicinal Properties of Some Common Edible Mushrooms

  • Shiitake: Prevents Obesity, Supports The Immune System, Anti-Cancerous, Boosts Cardiovascular Health, Antimicrobial, Increases Energy, Improves Brain Function, Improves Skin
  • Maitake: Helps Regulate Blood Sugar, Inhances Immune System, Anti-Cancerous, Improve Cholesterol, Prevent Obesity
  • Oyster Mushrooms: Immune Support, Lowering High Blood Pressure, Regulating Cholesterol, Increases Bone Strength, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Cancerous, Protects Against Cardiovascular Disease
  • Button Mushrooms and Portobello: Helps with Diabetes, Anti-Cancerous, Immune Boosting, Anti-Inflammatory, Source of Vitamin D

Mushrooms can do so much to support your health and the best part is.. They’re delicious and have NO KNOWN NEGATIVE side-effects for most people! Unlike the many prescription medications taken to help with these diseases mushrooms are powerful but EXTREMELY SAFE! You can’t overdose and there’s no side effects.

Not to mention, they’re delicious! There’s also dozens more of varieties that are not mentioned here. When it comes to wild edible mushrooms there are HUNDREDS of varieties. Most people only know 3-4 types of mushrooms… imagine if you only knew 3 or 4 vegetables!

So go ahead and begin adding mushrooms to your diet. They’re delicious, nutritious, and powerful medicines!

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